Thursday, March 19, 2009

As with any mobile phone, it all depends on what you need. We have decided to review the Google G1 because we found that it was no ordinary mobile phone. The Google G1 mobile phone is one that you will enjoy no matter why you like a mobile phone.

The Google G1 offers a complete QWERTY keyboard. This makes text messaging, emailing, and surfing the web even easier than ever. Because mobile phones are made to be more compact so they can fit into pockets and bags finding a complete QWERTY that you can use is almost impossible. They all have their problems; keys are too small, keypad does not light up, or the letters and numbers are so small that you cannot read them clear enough. The Google G1 has this advantage.

There are other several benefits to owning the Google G1. You will have access to all the Google applications and they can be downloaded easily to your phone. This will help you personalize your mobile phone to make it work for you every time you use it. Imagine having access to Amazon MP3 Store for instant access to your favorite songs. The Google G1 will always be able to upgrade to meet the ever changing programs that are available. Do a quick Google search on anything using the one touch google option.

Enjoy features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Now you can talk and connect with anyone, anywhere, and at any time. You can also find a 3G network on the Google G1 mobile phone which can get you on the web quicker. Now you can keep up with the latest auctions and know when you need to increase your bid to win.

Music is a part of everyone’s day, including ours, and the Google G1 offers music to you in several ways. You can listen to the built in music player, watch videos, or you can watch YouTube videos from your phone.

What’s great about the Google G1 is the camera. It features a 3.2 megapixel camera. Now 3.2 is not the best but for the more up to date phones that offer so many different gadgets and features you usually only find a 2.0 maximum camera. The 3.2 mp camera will allow you to take crystal clear pictures of what ever you choose no matter where you are.

The Google G1 comes in three colors; Black, Bronze, or White. Each color can be chosen to best suit your preference. Other ways to personalize your phone is to add different gadgets that can help you function quick and easy throughout your day. You can personalize your home screen using several different gadgets based on what you like and not what is already built in to your phone when you get it.

The Google G1 is great for sending and receiving emails, instant messaging, or text messaging as well. These functions are usually difficult when on a standard mobile phone. Stay in touch with the rest of the world no matter where you are at.

All in all, the Google G1 mobile phone is great for those on the go and those who have a desire to personalize every part of their mobile phone by adding or taking away different gadgets and programs. But customizing a mobile phone is the only way to really enjoy it completely.